Privacy Policy

Electronic Information Privacy Policy

Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) places the highest value on pursuing the correct and ethical approaches to dealing with our customers, their employees, and interested parties in Go360 business solution or AGSI’s website. AGSI believes it is important for you, the user or operator, to understand when and why we collect personally identifiable information and how that may be used. AGSI has put privacy protections in place to help you maintain control over your personal information while promoting growth of a more engaging, interactive, and user relevant web experience. Below are the approaches we follow for protecting any information you provide during a visit to any of our Websites.


This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information provided by you, your employer, or collected by AGSI online. This policy covers all Websites and domains of AGSI and our various products worldwide.


On either the AGSI or Go360™ main Websites ( and, in general you can visit and access information while remaining anonymous and without revealing any personal information. Upon entering any portion of the AGSI Website we determine your domain name, browser, and operating system that you are using, however we are unable to determine any personal information about you.

Both AGSI’s Project Portal and any Go360™ technology based Client Website use AGSI’s Login / Password / User Metadata Engine to validate and track user usage whilst operating online.

This information as a minimum includes:

This information is used solely for the following four purposes only:

  1. To confirm the user logging into the business solution
  2. To enforce security once within the business solution
  3. To produce client requested reports; and
  4. To produce notices, email and / or hardcopy, for business solution events.

While browsing the AGSI Website(s), you may be able to access the Websites of our affiliates and third parties through a hyperlink. AGSI does not pass along any stored information about you to such sites. AGSI assumes no responsibility for the privacy practices of third parties’ Websites and suggests you review the privacy statements / policies on such Websites before sharing your personally identifiable data.

When We Disclose Your Personal Information

AGSI reserves the right to disclose information as required by a) applicable Federal, Provincial, or State law, b) in order to protect its rights or property, or c) in case AGSI or a portion of its assets is sold.

AGSI does not rent, sell, or otherwise share personally identifiable information.


In order to protect access to the personal information stored in our solutions, AGSI uses the SSL (secure sockets layer) 2.0 encryption technology, intertwined with AGSI’s Go360™ encryption engine and Relational Data Base Management Systems security.

This combination of technologies creates multiple layers of security and protects users / visitors from having their information intercepted by anyone other than AGSI while it is being transmitted.

Enforcement and Contact

If you believe for any reason that AGSI has not followed these principles, please contact us at and AGSI will act promptly to investigate, correct as appropriate, and advise you of the resolution and correction. Please identify the issue as a “Privacy Policy” concern in your written communication to AGSI.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The practices described in this Policy are current as of the Revision Date specified at the bottom of this document. AGSI reserves the right to periodically update this Policy. Notice of any revisions will be posted to this page.

Thank you for your interest in Privacy and AGSI.

Revision Date: March 15th, 2007